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RenderTargetTexture.renderList.push() very slow in version 3.3


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In my application i'm doing something like this:

renderTarget.renderList = [];
for (var mesh of myMeshes) {
    if(...) {    

After updateing to BJS version 3.3 i noticed a big performance issue if i do this because i have many meshes in my scene.
It seems that this commit is the problem: https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/commit/d40a5d75b461d13b5cee893a59e1a13a85b34829#diff-88a5439ab0e1c1dad3feb18bdfbc0b8c
Currently everytime you call push, all meshes of the scene will be iterated. Is this intended?
It takes about 250ms to update the renderList in my case.

I changed my code like this to avoid that bottleneck. Now it takes about 8ms to update the renderlist.

var myRenderlist = [];
for (var mesh of myMeshes) {
   if(...) {  
renderTarget.renderList = myRenderlist;


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