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Recomendation on Tile Editing


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I'm new to Tile creation/editing for 2D games.  I have spent the last week researching online on which libraries are the best for this area.  Most people say that they use Tiled by https://www.mapeditor.org/  I'm not against it, but I already have Inkscape, Gimp and TexturePacker installed on my Windows machine.  Can I begin my tile map journey with these installed applications? Or will I be kicking myself later in attempting to create type maps for Phaser?  FYI - I do know that Phaser likes a .json file when it comes to tile maps.  If this is a suitable direction to take, can anyone recommend a tutorial guide?

I would love to hear from any devs who have invested a lot time in this area.  

Many thanks!



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Phaser has built in support for using Tiled json maps (https://gamedevacademy.org/html5-phaser-tutorial-top-down-games-with-tiled/), so it's def a time saver for building out your maps and integrating them into your game. Tiled, however, is not image creation software, you will continue to use the image editing software of your choice to create the tiles/sprites. Once you have the tilesets created, you will import them into Tiled to create the level/map you want.

Long story short: Continue to use your existing art tools to create the art. Import into Tiled to use the previously created art to make your levels. 


Hope this helps

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