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Dealing with large background textures


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Hello Everyone,

I'm doing a game where I have 3 big images overlapped as background, each one has 2560x1440 with transparency.

I have all this images in a  Container and I realized that setting this container to renderable = false make me earn about 30 fps on slow computers.

I was researching about and it looks like the pixi renderer is cleaning the full canvas and drawing this image (which will never change) all the ticks what is slowing down my game.

I have tried with cacheAsBitmap and clearBeforeRender settings but this doesn't solve the problem at all.

Someone had this problem? Could you solve it?.

By the moment I have workarounded this issue setting the transaprency of the Application to true and setting my background with css but I don't think this is the best solution.


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If the images are static (not moving) you could have them applied on top of canvas as static image elements (or another canvas) that gets rendered only once. That would speed up the rendering a lot if the 3 images is the case.

Pixi doesn't support partial rendering regions, so the whole screen gets updated always.

30fps sounds kinda lot for 3 textures. Have you tried having just the 3 bitmaps without anything else on screen (and without any cacheasbitmaps as well) and does the fps change then?

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