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BJS 3.3.0-rc3: ALPHA_COMBINE ignored


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I updated my app from BJS 3.2.0 to BJS 3.3.0-rc3 to prepare for the new features. I noticed that my white color on the texture is no longer considered as transparency, but remains white.


BABYLON.Effect.ShadersStore.shadowPlaneVertexShader = '\r\n' +
	// Precision
	'precision highp float;\r\n' +
	// Attributes
	'attribute vec3 position;\r\n' +
	'attribute vec2 uv;\r\n' +
	// Uniforms
	'uniform mat4 world;\r\n' +
	'uniform mat4 worldViewProjection;\r\n' +
	// Varying
	'varying vec2 vUV;\r\n' +
	// MAIN
	'void main(void) {\r\n' +
	'  vec4 p = vec4(position, 1.0);\r\n' +
	'  gl_Position = worldViewProjection * p;\r\n' +
	'  vUV = uv;\r\n' +

 * Custom fragment shader
 * @type {string}
BABYLON.Effect.ShadersStore.shadowPlaneFragmentShader = '\r\n' +
	// Precision
	'precision highp float;\r\n' +
	// Varying
	'varying vec2 vUV;\r\n' +
	// Uniforms - Diffuse
	'uniform sampler2D diffuseTexture;\r\n' +
	// MAIN
	'void main(void) {\r\n' +
	'  gl_FragColor = texture2D(diffuseTexture, vUV);\r\n' +


material = new BABYLON.ShaderMaterial(
				{ vertexElement: 'shadowPlane', fragmentElement: 'shadowPlane' },
                        attributes: ['position', 'uv'],
						uniforms: ['world', 'worldViewProjection'],
						needAlphaBlending: true
material.alphaMode = BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_COMBINE;
material.setTexture('diffuseTexture', [image with white background and black gradient]);
mesh.material = material;

Does anyone know why this is suddenly no longer possible? 

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