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Convenient face of a mesh


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I would like to thank you all for your help.

Can you please help me in solving these problems?

1. A mesh can have multiple facets (faces). From the camera point of view, only one among these facets are most accessible. (I mean, the least angle that the camara has to rotate to hit this facet with its ray). How can I achieve it?

2. How to place a mesh (may be a cylinder with very less height which looks like a push button) just above (closer to camera) and parallel to a facet of another mesh?

3. I have a Disc mesh (created with MeshBuilder.CreateDisk). The ray is not picking it. Anu clue?


Thanks in advance.


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1. Not sure to understand your need. Can you create a Playground to demonstrate what you are looking for?

2. If you get the facet from a ray picking info you can easily attach your mesh as child of the other mesh and use the pickingInfo.pickedPoint to determine where to put your mesh. Once again a PG would help a lot

3. Not without a repro :)

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