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task file weight


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Nope to be more specific, the exact thing I am looking for is to know the entire scene weight.

Meaning what is the total of data in bytes that need to be loaded in order to render the scene.
So after everything has been loaded and not during the progress.

Maybe a way to reach the "Content-Length" header of each asset request?

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Not sure if this is supported by XHR. So far if the xhr has a content length we will use it to report progress so we could also expose it but this is not always supported by the server

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Hum I see! 

I found we could get the length with the xhr like this :


if you already use it for the progress, I guess we can also have it somehow when the loading is finished?
If some task/file doesn't have Content-Length indicated by the server it is ok because the result I want doesn't have to be exact.

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If you are just using MeshAssetTask , you could use SceneLoader.ImportMesh directly, which has a SceneLoaderProgressEvent, which tells you how many bytes have been downloaded.  If you know already how big your scene is in total, you could then work backwards and build your own custom asset manager with realistic progress based on bytes downloaded/total.

That event has a property 'lengthComputable', which is often false. Progress is, if lengthComputable == true evt.loaded / evt.total.  If not lengthComputable then it's evt.loaded / knownFileSize.  At least that strategy works for models, so maybe that is useful.  Cheers.

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