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Actions vs Observables question.


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Hi all,

So I am currently using an observer to detect the user picking a mesh and I use that to make the camera look at the mesh. Now, I also want to highlight the mesh when the user hovers over it, but it looks like the only way that is supported to do that is with actions.

That lead me to wondering why there are two seemingly separate paradigms for this kind of thing. I found the explanation given here a bit vague: https://doc.babylonjs.com/features/events

Mainly I just want to know how to compartmentalize the two systems so I can easily choose between them based on the circumstances. If possible, I would like to stick to just one paradigm to not muddle my code with various ways of doing the same thing.

I think I should be able to implement the highlighting behavior with either one, as long as the POINTERMOVE event type has a pickResult (not sure if it does).

Are there any obvious reasons to chose one method over the other? How should I be thinking about these features in relation to each other?



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Now, I also want to highlight the mesh when the user hovers over it

You can also use observables (onPointerObservable) which come with pickresult.


Both paradigms are equivalent and really depend on your coding style 

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