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Is there audio loading issue in phaser 2 on ie11 of win 7?


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Hello, I'm new to here.

I'm making game in phaser 2.

My game is moudulized so when I click play button, it load minigame function by 'new' function.

var minigame = new mini(upperClass, parent, callback);

In minigame, function calls resources array and play game.

function mini(upperClass, parent, callback)
    this.upperClass = upperClass;
    this.main = game.add.group();

    //load resources

    //play game
mini.prototype.Hide = function()
    this.main.visible = false;

But I call minigame repeate repeatedly, it throws error that 'Phaser.Loader - audio[file]: error loading asset from URL' 'Phaser.Cache.getSound: Key "file" not found in Cache.'.

After that, my game is caching any audio file so I can't listen sound.

This problem is not appear in other browser, but only ie11 on win7.

I tested game in ie11 on win10 but I found no error.

I think there is bug in ie11 on win7 but I do not know how to fix this problem.

How to play audio in my game?

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