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Phaser 3 different bounding box in atlas


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it is possible in Phaser 3 to define the bounding box for each sprite frame into an atlas ? When i generate an sprite sheet into TexturePacker, we can find some parameters into the .json :


       "frame": {"x":1,"y":1,"w":423,"h":619},
       "rotated": false,
       "trimmed": false,
       "spriteSourceSize": {"x":1,"y":1,"w": 423,"h":619,
       "sourceSize": {"w":423,"h":619}

and my sprite definition : 


this.sprite = scene.physics.add.sprite(x,y,'player-idle','idle-0001.png');

When i change spriteSourceSize or sourceSize, it doesn't change anything on my sprite is it normal ?

it is quite strange because the method setSize change well the bounding box. In the implementation of setSize the sourceSize is update so i think it is possible to set directly a bounding box with the atlas .json ?


     * Sizes and positions this Body's boundary, as a rectangle.
     * Modifies the Body `offset` if `center` is true (the default).
     * Resets the width and height to match current frame, if no width and height provided and a frame is found.
     * @method Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Body#setSize
     * @since 3.0.0
     * @param {integer} [width] - The width of the Body in pixels. Cannot be zero. If not given, and the parent Game Object has a frame, it will use the frame width.
     * @param {integer} [height] - The height of the Body in pixels. Cannot be zero. If not given, and the parent Game Object has a frame, it will use the frame height.
     * @param {boolean} [center=true] - Modify the Body's `offset`, placing the Body's center on its Game Object's center. Only works if the Game Object has the `getCenter` method.
     * @return {Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Body} This Body object.
    setSize: function (width, height, center)
        if (center === undefined) { center = true; }

        var gameObject = this.gameObject;

        if (!width && gameObject.frame)
            width = gameObject.frame.realWidth;

        if (!height && gameObject.frame)
            height = gameObject.frame.realHeight;

        this.sourceWidth = width;
        this.sourceHeight = height;

        this.width = this.sourceWidth * this._sx;
        this.height = this.sourceHeight * this._sy;

        this.halfWidth = Math.floor(this.width / 2);
        this.halfHeight = Math.floor(this.height / 2);


        if (center && gameObject.getCenter)
            var ox = gameObject.displayWidth / 2;
            var oy = gameObject.displayHeight / 2;

            this.offset.set(ox - this.halfWidth, oy - this.halfHeight);

        this.isCircle = false;
        this.radius = 0;

        return this;


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