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Looking for an API dev


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Hey! i am currently looking for a API dev as the title says.

I am a streamer and a warframe gamer and currently what im looking for is an API  that i can use with streamlabs chatbot, so that viewers can type in a command in the chat to recieve info about traders in the game (warframe).  more specificly: i want the "void trader" (baro ki'ter) timer found on this page: https://tenno.tools/ (right side) into a an text response api so i can use it for my chat)

(i only need the API buildt)

the devs of the game warframe has released this: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/worldState.php

But i do not know how i use this in any ways

to familiarize yourself with how streamlabs chatbot works (if thats needed) heres the documentation i use when building my chat commands:  https://cdn.streamlabs.com/chatbot/Documentation_Twitch.pdf

Also i am a bit curious about the pricing aswell. Hopefully this wont be too much of work and not too expencive :P



excuse my poor grammars. (im norwegian)


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