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Hello :) I have three jobs offers on Malta (Producer, Developer and Release Engineer)


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Hello, guys.
Did you think about working on Malta? It could be a good idea when you have windy autumn outside ;)
There are 3 vacancies: Game Producer, Engine & Tools Programmer and Release Engineer.
This company make web games in HTML5, JS and Ruby. And it's a small startup, where is great CTO, who has very interesting experience in role of Manager in Overwatch and Diablo. And it's good superior and good man!

For each vacancy salary is similar: 20 000 - 45 000 EUR GROSS PER YEAR
Cooperation model: Full-time employment contract

Game Producer
Your role is:
-> to coordinate and keep the production of casual games in a good direction;
-> to coordinate relation between artists, game designers, game programmers, QA, and music production.
Your skills and experiences:
-> Academic degree;
-> 3+ years of experience with game productions;
-> Experience with managing people and processes;
-> Organized and sociable skills;
-> Open-mind and possibility to solve hard tasks;
-> Skills to take care of the administrative burden and keep things structured;
-> Good English knowledge.

Engine & Tools Engineer

Your role is:
-> to create products that provide a great user experience along with high security, quality, and stability;
-> to develop and maintain the internal game engine, toolchain, and platform.

Your skills and experiences:
-> Academic degree;
-> Experience with reducing the errors in browsers and using unixy environments;
-> Experience with command line tools;
-> Experience with game development, HTML5 and JS;
-> Experience with macOS;
-> Experience with WebGL/OpenGL and game engines.
-> Knowledge of organic and paid user acquisition;
-> Good English knowledge.

Nice to have:

+ Experience with backend development, Node.js, Google App Engine;
+ Knowledge of mobile development for iOS and/or Android.

Release Engineer  

Your role is:
-> to configure products presences in various platforms and stores;
-> to ensure that products are running through production pipeline;
-> to keep the quality of products and keep the productivity in an ever-changing environment;
-> to use, create and update in-house tools that automate the job;
-> to interact and support the departments within the company.

Your skills and experiences:
-> Academic degree in computer science;
-> Good knowledge of Web technologies and game market;
-> Good knowledge of Ruby;
-> Ability to adapt to any new technology, platform or tool;
-> Ability to learn new languages;
-> Experience in building test environments and solve problems related to software performance;
-> Experience in building test environments, writing and executing test scripts;
-> Very good communication skills and ability to deal with developers artists, and marketing;
-> Good aesthetic sense and ability to work in various environment;
-> Good English knowledge.

If you are interesting in one of this offer, please send me few word about you and CV, [email protected]

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