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Game States and Game State Manager


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I am trying to make my game state flow these days; I was wondering if Babylonjs has something ready to manage game states?

An instance of game state flow would be:

MainMenu --> LevelSelection --> LoadingScreen(Level1) --> Gameplay --> WinningScreen --> LoadingScreen(Level2) --> Gameplay --> WinningScreen --> LoadingScreen(Level3) --> Gameplay --> PauseMenu --> MainMenu --> Exit


More documentation on what I mean here: http://gamedevgeek.com/tutorials/managing-game-states-in-c/ or https://rareelementgames.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/game-state-management/


Here are examples of game engines that implemented this pattern:

- LibGDX: https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/wiki/Extending-the-simple-game (they named the states Screens, and the mananager is Game)

- Phaser 2: http://perplexingtech.weebly.com/game-dev-blog/using-states-in-phaserjs-javascript-game-developement

- Phaser 3 (renamed Scenes): https://phaser.io/phaser3/contributing/part5


Any thoughts? How do you manage your game states with Babylonjs?

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Currently there's not such a thing per se in BJS. I intended to implement one but didn't find the time up now.

I did a first simple proto in the game StarFighter. You could get the code here https://github.com/jbousquie/OfficeGames/blob/master/StarFighter/StarFighter.js#L1480 

the scene orchestration logic (scene linking, what's different from a game to another one ) is to be implemented here  https://github.com/jbousquie/OfficeGames/blob/master/StarFighter/StarFighter.js#L1505


Then the object is created and used from here only in the following lines : https://github.com/jbousquie/OfficeGames/blob/master/StarFighter/StarFighter.js#L1552



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