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Have you finished the test? You haven't got your 'score' or answers back yet?

Google has all those answers via the specs, which is a good exercise, mind you, so is learning to ask for help in forums (or otherwise). Not sure why you are doing this test but, good developers are very good at researching and asking for answers, so, whilst a conventional test normally wouldn't champion these things I'm going to have a stab at some a response for you. I distrust any job interview where they ask you questions like this, these things can be googled in seconds, and, unless your job involves coding on the space station (I'm guessing no wifi up there, could be wrong) you're always going to have access to the internet. (Having said that, the number of coding jobs where the office developers work from has terrible internet is staggering).

In any case, local storage does not impose an expiry. I suspect the test answer should be true here, although absolutely strictly there IS an expiry, it's just unknown i.e. local storage values won't last forever, they can be deleted at will by the browser, I think the most common cause is through freeing up disk space. I'm also not 100% sure I'm correct.

Also, local storage usually has a size limit, but it differs per browser, I think some will even let you select unlimited, which I'm guessing would be a user selected option, not one controlled by the code running in the browser. This is a limit per domain, again, the wording is ambiguous, but, a per domain limit also imposes a per variable limit.

Also also, I kind of dislike the 'correct way using HTML5' wording, whilst HTML5 technically refers only to mark-up, the most usual references to HTML5 actually include CSS3 and newer JS, (usually ES5 or ES6 is indicated), so, therefore, in 'common parlance' (which is really want matters over semantics) JS is a 'correct' way of doing this, although, again, I don't think anyone would suggest it is the 'best' way, but now things get complicated because 'best' is subjective. Wording questions can be very hard, given some audiences it can be even harder still.

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