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A good way to set scene stop when hidden and run while visible again !

Andrew Chen

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1.可以彻底让scene场景彻底休眠  make 100% sure the scene is sleeping 
2.update function不会再运行 .      the update function will not execute any more
3.同时会暂停场景内的Timer事件 t the timer is paused also

// phaser version 3.15.0

// GameScene
// 监听是否当前场景不可见/最小化 when scene is hide
        this.sys.game.events.on('hidden', function () {
            console.log('pause spawn bomb while hidden');
            console.log('gamescene is sleeping?', this.scene.isSleeping('GameScene'));

        }, this);

// 回到当前场景  back to current scene
        this.sys.game.events.on('visible', function () {
            console.log('spawn bomb while visible');
            console.log('gamescene is wake again:', this.scene.isSleeping());
        }, this);


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