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Benchmarking performance

Stunt Pixels

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Wondering if people are benchmarking game performance?


HARs are great for networking.


Generally we get compute and render times by running the app in an anonymous browser, and looking at the frames in Chrome Devtools timeline. But I'd like some more reliable metrics so we can make changes, run some tests, and know what the impact was on compute and render times.


I'm looking into Chromium Telemetry, which looks pretty sweet, but is not so hot for interactivity. Also, telemetry doesn't run with non Chrome browsers and Safari on iOS is our primary target. So, I'm wondering if there are other things I should be looking into to get some numbers...


Any suggestions appreciated...

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I would like to know this too. 

I was thinking of something primitive like calculating some sums and seeing how long it took..... But since I have no data that is quite meaningless. 

I read someone else was seeing how long the game took to update and would selectively adapt options which sounds cool but seems some hassle. 


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