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[Bug?] MergeMeshes() results in mesh artifacts on Kindle Fire 7


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When running on Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle Fire 7 the Mesh Merge function results in garbled mesh artifacts.




Note that the merging works very well on Android and Apple device (using Chrome, or Safari).

I am going to report it on Github, but if you have reasons to think that this is not a bug, please let me know.

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So I try to reproduce the bug on the Playground, and I could not do it simply.

For now I succeeded to reproduce the texture black artefacts but not the texture green artefact. I could not reproduce the geometry artefacts either (I mean the artefact that change the geometry of the maze).

The texture black artefact seems to come from the use of BABYLON.PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial; see the playground here: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#INZ0Z0#30

This is how the PG is rendered on the Amazon Fire 7:


The problem occurs even without the mergeMeshes() call.

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Have you tried dialing back some settings, like disabling webgl2 in engine options or engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false;  It may be possible that the BabylonJS engine needs to account for a bug in the the browser/driver as @bghgary has suggested.

When I look at your first screenshot it looks like z-fighting with 2 planes - those misplaced triangles look like a face that does not belong.  I've tried mesh merging and was happier with more fine grained control using meshes generated manually (from data files). I was originally inspired by some code from this project (/scripts/PlanetChunckMeshBuilder), which is efficient and produces minimum vertices (ie: skipping occluded faces) :

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