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How to use text for platforms in 2D platformer.


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Hi folks,

How do you make arbitrary text into a platform that a character can walk on, and use around a level?

I want to make a 2D sidescroller in which the player character runs along the top of words. Kind of like  a "follow the bouncing" type sing-along video clips.

I'm a total beginner. I've just started using phaser today. I feel pretty lost, so the examples around the internet and on here are super helpful. However, even with reading the docs I find that I am simply not "getting it".

So far I have followed along the Make a Mario-like game with Phaser 3 tutorial and got confused with the docs.

My attempts to add text have ended in the screenshot attached. The text has physics and is colliding with the game world (it falls onto other platforms!), and player.
Clearly I'm doing it wrong!

I would really appreciate if someone experienced could lay out what I would need to use in the preload() and create() blocks, and how to handle lots of text.

Screenshot from 2018-12-01 23-32-25.png

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