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Handling cross-scene input for a sprite


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I am running two scenes in parallell.


I add a sprite in one scene, but I want to make it interactive in another scene, so that the code bellow would work

// In scene 2

this.input.on('pointerdown', (pointer, [gameObject]) => {
    if (!gameObject) {
        console.log('clicked', gameObject)


I have tried to explicitly add it to scene 2

// in scene 2, "sprite" was created in scene 1 and passed via the data register
if (sprite) {


But this does not work since even if `add.existing(...)` does add the sprite to the input list, it does so using `object.scene` which is the scene were the sprite was originally created.


Sp, my question is, can I add the external sprite to the scenes input list (without duplicating the data preferrably)?


Thanks in advance.


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