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Adding HTMLelements


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In both examples above, we have only inserted some text/HTML at the beginning/end of the selected HTML elements.

However, both the append() and prepend() methods can take an infinite number of new elements as parameters. The new elements can be generated with text/HTML (like we have done in the examples above), with jQuery, or with JavaScript code and DOM elements.

In the following example, we create several new elements. The elements are created with text/HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript/DOM. Then we append the new elements to the text with the append() method (this would have worked for prepend() too) :

function appendText() {
  var txt1 = "<p>Text.</p>";               // Create element with HTML  
  var txt2 = $("<p></p>").text("Text.");   // Create with jQuery
  var txt3 = document.createElement("p");  // Create with DOM
  txt3.innerHTML = "Text.";
  $("body").append(txt1, txt2, txt3);      // Append the new elements 
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