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Blank Page on (Some) Android Devices When Using Scenes


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I created a simple app quiz app using phaser3 and cordova, throughout development and testing (using cordova android emulator, browser, my phone, and other phones) I never had any issues with scenes. But once I deployed it, a number of people complained about having blank screens, I tried running it on bluestacks android emulator and had the same issue. I couldn't figure out why it was happening so I started rearranging and rewriting the code, and I realized whenever I load scene like the code below, I get the issue. It doesn't matter if I declared the scene in the same file or load it from an external file.

scene: [preload,about,mainmenu]

But if create a preload function and create the content of my "about" scene in a create function and add scene like below, it works fine

scene: {
            preload: preload,
            create: create

Does anyone know why this is happening or what's causing it, I don't get how it works fine on some phones and not on others. Even when I uploaded the phaser app to a web server, the phones that had the issue still had it when they accessed it via a browser, so i don't think its a cordova issue.  Any help, tip, hint, advice will be most appreciated, thanks.

P.s I have a whole bunch of scenes, which is I why am not eager to convert them all into functions like i did the 'about' scene.

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So I figure out what was wrong, I started by creating scenes as shown here instead of as objects.  Problem still existed, so I continued messing with the code till I found the real issue, it was the way I was handling mouse input event. This is how I was handling it

this.btn.on('pointerdown', () => {//some code});

For some reason this caused errors on a lot of devices, I can't remember how I came about using this approach in the first place, is it wrong? Once I changed it to the below, app was running on all devices.

this.btn.on('pointerdown', function (event) {//some code}, this);

Anyone knows why this happened?

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