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Frame Extruder (tile-extruder alternative)


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Frame Extruder


Hello, this is a tool I have created to be used as an alternative to the tile-extruder by @mikewesthad. It works in the same way as his tool except it has a gui so it doesn't need to be called from a command line and there is no dependency on nodejs. For those who don't know, the tool is used for getting around the edge bleeding issues sometimes found when using spritesheets or tilemaps in Phaser 3.  For example:


Extrusion of a single tileset:


Using the default settings. Frame size 16x16 and no margin or spacing.

I posted about this tool briefly on the discord a few days ago but I figured I may as well post about it here on the forum as well so it can be found easier by people in the future.

The program runs on Microsoft .NET 2.0 which is obviously only designed to run on Windows systems. However for using this program on other operating systems, my testing on a Debian system suggests Mono is able to run it quite nicely apart from a couple of minor control size issues.

Here is a screenshot of the program running to show you what it looks like normally...



Usage is very simple, before selecting an image to use as a "frame sheet" (which is just my term to describe both tilesets and spritesheets), set the extrusion options to what you need them to be. Select the frame sheet by dragging an image file into the drag area or select manually.

A table of available extrusion options and their function:


Use In Code:

Because of the extrusion, the margin and spacing will need to be adjusted for everything to look right. If you had no margin and spacing before, margin will be 1px and spacing will be 2px.

// for tilesets... 
const tileset = map.addTilesetImage("tileset", "tileset", 16, 16, 1, 2); // for a extruded 16x16 tileset 
// for spritesheets...
this.load.spritesheet("enemy", "enemy.png", {frameWidth: 16, frameHeight: 16, margin: 1, spacing: 2}); // 16x16 extruded spritesheet


Source: https://github.com/lgibson02/FrameExtruder

Binaries: https://github.com/lgibson02/FrameExtruder/releases

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