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How to test collide between player and static group


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Hi everyone !

I'm beginning with Phaser 3, and i would like to know how I can test when my player collides with static group. I can block player, when he collides on one of the static group.
If I use overlap, it's working, but I don't want this.
I need to test collide because I would like to implement chests.

How can I do this?

Actually, this is my code.

this.itemsLayer = map.getObjectLayer('items')['objects'];
this.items = this.physics.add.staticGroup();
this.itemsLayer.forEach(object => {
        let obj = this.items.create(object.x, object.y, "axe"); 
           //obj.setScale(object.width/16, object.height/16); 
           obj.body.width = object.width; 
           obj.body.height = object.height; 

this.physics.add.collider(this.player, this.items);

Thank you !

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