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Looking for Experienced UI/UX/Graphic Designer for Retro Game-themed Mobile App


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Do you have a love and passion for video games?

Do you want to use that love and passion to have a positive impact on the world? 

Are you sick of corporate culture?

If so, read on! 

We are looking for help on our quest! We require an experienced multi-talented individual in UI/UX/Graphic Design, with retro video game knowledge and experience for our mobile app. As a team member, you will be an important and valued part in the completion of our mid-stage, high-concept prototype. Over the last two years, we have built a strong and dedicated customer base. This project is a unique opportunity best suited to individuals looking for part-time work and interested in earning equity in a special project over short-term financial satiety.

Key Responsibilities: 

-      Working with our team to create an appealing and efficient user experience and visual design 

-      Establish and maintain design system for iOS, Android, and Web applications

-      Develop prototypes and wireframes for to test and validate experience and interfaces

-      Create appealing and consistent menus and navigation fitting into a retro game theme

-      Develop highly polished mock-ups for future planning

Personal Skills: 

-      Must be a creative individual with strong communication and collaboration skills.  

-      Must be able to thrive at self-direction when necessary.

Professional Skill Set: 

-      Significant experience with UX/UI/Graphic Design, years are irrelevant, just skill, talent, and creativity!

-      Experience with UX/UI Design Tools, including the Adobe Creative Suite

-      Experience working in a team setting and remote environment

-      JavaScript/HTML/CSS Experience is a plus


All candidates are welcome to apply.  A resume is just paper, and we are most interested in seeing the work you have done – after all, UX/UI and Graphic Design is a visual experience!  If you have any questions or feel like you might be a good fit, please shoot us a message!



Evoloot Team

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