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Ionic with Phaser game in inappbrowser


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We want implement mini Phaser game inside Ionic app which can be played inside inappbrowser. So basically game is set on standard host, we used Firebase host for it. In Ionic app we have button for lunch game, one button for one game. After use press button for lunch game we run it in inappbrowser. Game work perfectly but we have few problem with back button.

  1. We cant implement back function inside game for back in Ionic app. We tried windws.close(), cordova.InAppBrowser.close()
  2. We can disable hardware back button, so if user press hardware back button it will exit for game no matter in which view user is on. We try to set propetry to: cordova.InAppBrowser.open()ardwareback=no,hidenavigationbuttons=yes

Do you have any idea or solution for this problem. Thanks

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