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decrease collision box size


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Is there any way to decrease the size of the bounding box used for collisions in phaser? Right now I am just implementing my own collision inside phasers callback, essentially using phasers collision as a (slightly)-broad phase collision detection but it'd be cleaner and more efficient if I could just scale the collision box somehow without scaling the actual sprite.


Honestly I'm not sure which version of phaser I'm currently using, I downloaded it about a month and a half ago and didn't even pay much attention to it because I didn't expect to make any serious games yet. my current project was just too much fun and I blew it up into a big game(by html5 mobile game standards).


Anyway, thanks for any help. And thanks to Rich and everyone who worked on Phaser, it's awesome to work with!

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Change the body width / height of the sprite:

    this.sprite.body.width = 46;    this.sprite.body.height = 82;

Check if it works by displaying the collision box for the sprite:


You must set phaser to CANVAS Mode to get the debug outputs.

var game = new Phaser.Game(1280, 768, Phaser.CANVAS , '', null);


Good luck, and don't forget to post your game here on the forums when it's either done or playable and you want feedback.

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Just an update on this, the API has changed.

In the latest version of Phaser (as of May 2016), you should use the following to display the sprite's collision hitbox:


Also, remember to put this into the render() function.

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this.sprite.body.width = 32;

I have one question:

if I decrease the width of the sprite for example - from 48u to 32u then collision moves by 16u left - how could I center (align) the colission? (8u to left and 8u to right)

u - unit

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