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remove an item from a group


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I have a group of items that their y position in increased by 1 during update

I want to remove every item the its y is bigger than 600.

I'm using kill()


but this only kill the item's spot but the group has the same length.

As the group size is increased every x seconds, the size of the group will get really big over time

How can I  kill/remove the item and keep the size of the group to the real number of items?




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You need to `destroy` or `remove` item  to remove it from group. 

`kill` only sets `alive`, `exists` and `visible` properties to false. It won't remove it from group.

Since you're creating and destroying items frequently. Better approach would be to do object pooling. When item goes below 500, you `kill` it and when you want new item you find in the group for items which `alive` is set to false. and `revive` that item and change positions of that item.

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