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Making HTML5 Games for Google Universal App campaigns


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Hello there, i am trying to make some card game interactive ads, but i have tried it with phaser and pixi with no success, it did not pass google verifier.

Does anyone knows the best way to do this, or it should work with these engines and i am doing something wrong?

Googles recomends to use Google Web Designer, but actually it sucks to make games.

Just to clarify i am talking about this: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7584219?hl=en-GB


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I've done a few of these for clients without any real issue as the standards Google set out are all very straight-forward standards that we all should be following anyway. It has been a few years since I've done this but from the link you shared only the name has changed, not the standards.

The guidelines are really clear and the verification process gives you (or, at least, it used to, I don't why it would change) detailed steps where your product does not meet the requirements.

What did the verification process come back with for you to fix?

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Hello thank you Matt.

Yes the main problem was in the verification process, i just included a simple game with some .png (phaser default platformer game) and in the checking if gaves an error that the code references some invalid stuff like SVG and other stuff that i didint event used.

So i am assuming that using pixi or phaser does not work right of the bat?

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Pixi definitely does (or did) as I used it a couple of times, I would also imagine Phaser would have no issues being used for this purpose.

Google are hot on making sure you bundle correctly (which we all should be).

How are you bundling your code in to the zip?

If you use a tool like Uglify or Closure (yep, Google are still pushing that) then you get dead-code removal with no real effort, although from the error report can't be totally sure thats what the issue is.


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