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app monetization without ADs


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6 hours ago, VeganGazette said:

Admob and Unity ads are the most proven ways. But they are using ads. Not sure why you're so afraid of them? Everyone uses them and gets decent money. Talking about globalhop sdk, I can't tell anything. I need to do some research on it because I hear them the first time. 

Because I hate ads :D I really hate them and I know many people hate them too. I want to keep my app clean and make it more attractive to the people. I made a lot of research on this and to say truly, there wasn't much choice talking about ads free SDKs. Globalhop seems to be the only ads free sdk so far. Not much time passed since I implemented it so will see how is it. So far I don't have any complaints. 

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You're totally right to hate ads, almost everyone hates ads, even the people that create them hate ads.

Some alternative monetisation approaches:

* Free demo, paid game. App stores make this trivial, harder for web.

* Pay for things in game. New Amulet of Awesomeness +2, that'll be £2.

* Pay for in-game currency. New Amulet of Awesomeness +2, that'll be 200 Mithrilandian Coins. Oh, by the way, if you don't have the coins, you can buy 150 for £2 (never let someone buy the exact amount they need for something, always slightly more or slightly less than required).

* Pay for stuff/currency by watching ads. Watch an ad, receive 10 Mithrilandian Coins. This could also apply to 'extra level tries', 'resurrects' or try agains.

* Paid DLC. Want your heroes to explore the Mysterious Caves of Vanthrox, just $5 and that stage is unlocked.

* Ask politely. Crowd-sourcing, Patreon, Kickstarter, you could direct to any of these sites and just ask for donations.

There are probably loads of more inventive ways to get players to part with their cash.

I have no experience of an SDK or other tooling to help, I _thought_ that iOS/Android platforms made this relatively straight forward, so that you didn't need a third-party tool to help. No idea for web and/or cordova-plugins.

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