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I can't host my 2D game with websocket


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I use the websocket with a framework ratchet for my little 2D game but i have a dificulity to host it because I saw in the internet that the most of the time websockets  are not accepted by the  hoster or  must have VPS to use it

Thanks in advance.

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What host wouldn't support websockets in 2019?

In any case, I'm not entirely sure how access rules might muck with websockets after the initial http handshake, I kinda assumed it just used the same port and that, most of the time, so long as that port was open for http (which it will be for a public server) that there would not be an issue.

Yeah I just checked, ws work fully over http and ssl ports, so, they'd work with those standard open ports (i.e. 80 and 443 are defaults, the ssh port is a different one which may be locked down for very cheap or very old providers). Do the hosts you normally use explain why websockets might not work?

I say all this, I haven't used anything other than a VPS for many years so maybe I'm totally wrong.

Documentation on provisioning your own VPS is now superb from all major vendors (I can fully endorse DigitalOcean, docs are top-notch and easy to digest. AWS/Azure/GCP etc, i.e. the big leaders, also have excellent documentation, but its harder to digest as there are so many options). If you're having trouble with however you normally host things, would you consider getting a VPS spun up? It can be very cheap also.

There are also services like Netlify, Now, even Apex, which pretty much handle all of this for you. If you haven't seen these tools then there is something very freeing about being able to run `now` and see your application automagically update itself with your latest version/changes.

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