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Load base64 font


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I'm making a playable ad for Facebook and there is condition that all of the code should be contained within a single index.html file.
I have managed to do this with all of the audio and images by converting them to base64.

Is there any way I can achieve the same with fonts?

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I managed to make it work by converting it into a bitmap form and loading it inline.

Here's the code:

var font_uri = "_string";
var font_xml = 'minified_xml';

function preload()
  game.load.bitmapFont('font', font_uri, "", font_xml);

function create{}
  var msg = game.add.bitmapText(75, 75, 'font','Bitmap Fonts!', 64);
    msg.fontSize = 90;
	msg.tint = 0x000000;


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Hi, i was trying to get Audio to work within Playable ad and have been unsuccesful so far. I have converted the audio the base 64 and added to my html

This is how i am adding sound to my project: ("sorry its all crammed into single HTML file, since playable ad zipped folder with images does not seem to work for me)

Boot state preload {
this.load.image('top', topBar);
game.load.audio('gamesound', [
uri: gameSound,
type: 'mp3',
// gamesound is a base 64 string i store as a variable

// adding the sound in the create phase
game state: create {
this.mySound = this.game.add.audio('gamesound', 1, false);

// initiating the sound context, since there are no other screens where user interacts. the ontouch is a callback function on input down

ontouch: function () {
if (game.sound.context.state == 'suspended') {


 I was unable to get a zipped folder to run as a playable ad. so i converted all images to base 64. this worked. both locally and as a playable ad
I then tried to add the audio in the same base 64 way, this works locally. but does not work on facebook playable ad previewer

link to github project: https://github.com/dr-mogambo/Phaser-2-Falling-and-Catching

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