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Publish/Ad revenue questions


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So i've been coding pretty hard and now wanting to build a list of some places i can pitch my games at. I have looked at the sponsor portals topic in this forum and looked at ad revenue too.

I havent clinched a deal yet but i've only been looking for a few days now. My main question is this:


Where can i post my game for decent traffic to be played online with an advertising API?


Is it possible a publisher can get intouch if i've done the leg work and i have done the porting and have a copy of an iOS version of my game?


Its pretty much an open field at the minute and i'm basically testing the waters but it seems like i feel a bit lost in all this new stuff of reaching out to people.


Thanks :)

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I'd say most sponsors are probably willing to do a revenue share if the game is decent because they have no risk other than time lost getting the game on the platform. (and that's pretty much what half a sponsor's employees are specialised in, so to speak). So you could probably start reaching out to just about anyone.


BoosterMedia of course is the key player in terms of revenue-sharing deals, it's most of what they do and they get some of the biggest traffic.


Besides this there are plenty of portals like Kongregate, newgrounds etc, but as they're not focused on HTML5 or even Mobile, you're often competing with larger popular desktop games that allow keyboard/mouse controls. It's hard to compete with that and ad revenues on mobile always seem to be a lot better. So it's no surprise I haven't heard of any success stories of HTML5 developers in these areas.


FGL offers an advertising API and does limited publishing, but you can use their API and publish the build yourself.


Publishers are increasingly interested in native rights, so definitely mention this. You don't necessarily have to do any leg work, most just wrap your game and publish, a bit like a fullscreen browser app that only points to your game. But if you provide a native version that is better than your web version, they'll like that. Don't expect anyone to come looking for you though. Approach them.

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Thanks for the response! I've approached a few areas and sent a few emails out.

Been relatively well received but there's a lot of very specific type of games needed.

I've approached boostermedia and awaiting a response from them.

Just need to get the contact list built up but I will definitely keep what you've said in mind.

Its just making that first push out as a new developer on the market.

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