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Multiple joints


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Hello guys !

I'm trying to make an anatomy based app with bones, muscles and ligaments.

I'm actually prototyping to see if that's possible but I'm stuck on some features.


Muscle representation

For the muscles, I was thinking about a spring joint. But when I was testing, it seems that we can't add multiple joints between the same impostors ?

For exemple, if we have 4 muscles between two cubes, each going corner to corner. If one spring is stiffer, the cube should rotate but it's not.

I actually tried the same thing about a year ago on Unity and it was working like a charm but the unity webgl build is just too heavy and restrictive.


Am I doing something wrong ? Do I need a new impostor for each muscle insertion ?


Complex joint

For some body joints, the simpler will be to add some angles restrictions. For exemple the ankle has like 30° flexion and 50° extension + 40° pronation and 20° supination.

Is there a way to add this limitations ? My research on google point me only to https://saharan.github.io/OimoPhysics/oimo/dynamics/constraint/joint/RagdollJoint.html. Oimos can only limit in one axis and cannon seems to not have this feature.


My playground :) https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#TB6ER9#1

Here what've done on Unity: https://imgshare.io/image/body-joint.pmmO9 (the img uploader was not working).



I didn't saw the new forum, my bad. The red banner isn't red enought :p. Here is the link to the new post => https://forum.babylonjs.com/t/how-to-handle-multiple-joints-between-two-impostors/3258



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