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Phaser 3 Matter Physics - pause collisions


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I am making a  2d cross country horse riding game. The player will be able to move left and right and jump obstacles. I use tiled to make the obstacle course.

I want to use matter physics because I needed detailed obstacles rather than just simple shapes. 

I have also used collisions because I could not find any other way to define whether a user has hit an obstacle on a tile layer. As I am not using collision physics (game over when I hit a obstacle) maybe there is a way better way of doing this game. Here is how I set up the collision:

const road = this.make.tilemap({key:"map"});
const roadTileset = road.addTilesetImage("terrain", "tiles");
const belowLayer = road.createStaticLayer("bot", roadTileset, 0, 0);
const collisionLayer = road.createStaticLayer("collision", roadTileset, 0, 0);
const treeLayer = road.createStaticLayer("tree", roadTileset, 0, 0);
//const topLayer = map.createStaticLayer("top", tileset, 0, 0);
//collisionLayer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true });
collisionLayer.setCollisionByProperty({ collides: true });

player physics set up as follows:

player = this.matter.add.sprite(400,6300, "player").setOrigin(.5, .5);
type: 'circle',
radius: 6


I am now trying to get the player to jump over barriers with collides property, I was hoping to do so by pausing the collides property for half a second or so to allow the player to move through when the jump button is pressed, but this is proving more difficult than anticipated.




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