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Is there an event when something stops overlapping?


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Hello everyone!

I hope you are having an excellent day to help me out ?

Long story short, I'm trying to toggle a boolean when something overlaps and most important, when it stops overlapping.

I created the example below to get which is the parameter that changes when an overlap occurs:

this.w1 = this.physics.add.sprite( 100, 100, 'atlas-minions', `blue/walk/minion_00.png` ).setInteractive( { draggable: true } );

this.w2 = this.physics.add.sprite( 400, 100, 'atlas-minions', `red/walk/minion_00.png` ).setInteractive( { draggable: true } );
this.w3 = this.physics.add.sprite( 800, 100, 'atlas-minions', `red/walk/minion_00.png` ).setInteractive( { draggable: true } );

this.groupa = this.add.group();
this.groupa.add( this.w2 );
this.groupa.add( this.w3 );
console.log( 'w1 BEFORE', this.w1.body.touching )

this.physics.add.overlap( this.w1, this.groupa, () => {
    console.log( this.w1.body.touching )
}, null, this );

But when I drag w1 over w2 or w3, the console.log prints the same result as when w1 is created:

down: false
left: false
none: true
right: false
up: false

How come this.w1.body.touching.none = true even when is actually touching something?? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) 

Is some other parameter that registers the overlapping?


Also I saw another solution here, but it only works with single objects. In my game I needed this to work with groups instead. I know I could convert the code but it looks like a workaround too big for something this simple. 


After many hours looking everywhere for an answer, I just ended up burnt.

Please send help ಥ_ಥ

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