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Favorite Linux Distro?


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Hi everybody! 


I purchased a tower not to long ago with Windows 8 installed on it and was immediately revulsed. I opted instead to use Ubuntu primarily for the Unix terminal as it is much easier to use Phaser with the tools provided in that command environment. I am going to be reinstalling the operating system soon though and wondered if anybody had a favorite linux flavor for development? 


Thanks for the opinions! 



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In the last 3-4 years, i was using Ubuntu, but now i'm using Manjaro linux.


1. It's a rolling distribution, so I'm always up-to-date, but it's still stable enough to work with

2. Based on Arch, but it's user friendly(it has graphical installer)

3. I can use the AUR(Arch User Repository), which has a lot of nice packages(up-to-date)

4. Community is really good and the documentation is top notch

5. There are a lot of desktop environments to choose from


The only problem i had was with installing Chrome from AUR ,but i found the solution.

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There was a problem with the libgcrypt15 package, which chrome depends on. I found an article about removing the libgcrypt15 dependency from PKGBUILD(you can edit it when installing chrome) and after that it installed.

After that i had 2 little problems:

1. I had to use terminal to update chrome, pamac package manager couldn't update it

2. I had to make a symbolic link from google-chrome-stable to google-chrome , so i can use Brackets.io live preview(Brackets.io uses google-chrome ,but in AUR chrome name is google-chrome-stable)


I only had problems with Chrome, other applications like Brackets.io, webstorm etc.. installed just fine

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