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LineMesh not changing on update


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I have just started learning Babylon.js and am trying to create a line that moves with moving of a html slider. I am using CreateLines function of Babylon for create a line. I have set update boolean to true. But even after updating the vertices, the new line is not rendered. When I print the vertices after changing, their value is changed, but the line displayed remains same. Here is my code for creating the line:

Xaxis =  BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLines("Xaxis",{points:[new BABYLON.Vector3(1000,0,0),new BABYLON.Vector3(-1000,0,0)], updateable:true},scene);

And here is my code to update the line:

Xaxis =  BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateLines("Xaxis",{points:[new BABYLON.Vector3(1000,(vy/100)*newVal,(vz/100)*newVal),new BABYLON.Vector3(-1000,(vy/100)*newVal,(vz/100)*newVal)], updateable:true,instance:Xaxis});

here newVal is a variable which has the current value of the slider. What mistake am I doing?

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