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Problem with atlas/multiatlas


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Hello everybody

I created a coin that spin like a mario-coin

And i have done that with atlas

This is preload function:

this.load.atlas('coin', 'assets/animation/coin/spritesheet.png', 'assets/animation/coin/spritesheet.json');

and create function:

var frameNames = this.anims.generateFrameNames('coin', {
	start: 1,
	end: 16,
	prefix: 'image ',
	suffix: '.png'

	key: 'rotate',
	frames: frameNames,
	frameRate: 32,
	repeat: -1

coin = this.physics.add.sprite(200, 400, 'coin', 'image 10.png');



and now, i want to create more coin, but i am stuck with problem, can people help me?

Thank everyone!!





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