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How can I start programming in Python?


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Start googling.

There are so many resources for beginners out there for free, you'll have more problems wading through poor content than you will finding what you want when you're starting out.

Beyond that, there are also many paid resources. Things like Udemy, Pluralsight, Egghead.io, all offer paid courses, both written and video content. Then there are things like Treehouse that offer dedicated courses. Further still, there are bite-sized learning opportunities like Codecademy, Code Wars, Codingame, etc etc that let you learn in smaller chunks, these are great supplements to more dedicated learning, and range from free to a small fee.

To start though, I'd get googling.

Use Stack Overflow to help find answers to specific things, and start to identify some thought leaders in the community you like and find their blogs and twitter feeds. I do not know who these people are for Python, but there will be many of excellent gals and guys out there talking about Python and programming.

If you like roguelike gaming then there is a nice Python tutorial at https://www.reddit.com/r/roguelikedev/. Python is well used and very well liked amongst Roguelike devs. Creating a full blown game of the complexity of your average roguelike is a fairly daunting place to start, but, maybe if you like that sort of thing then it'll keep your attention and I'm sure you'd learn a lot.

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