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3D Asset Protection and Outsourcing


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Hey everybody!

I work for a startup called PolyPort that specializes in 3D asset protection. We are solving a $300bn digital asset theft problem by transforming how the creative market protects, collaborates and distributed high-value digital assets. We enable 3D asset creators, VR/AR developers, collaborators, internal and external studios and brands to protect and control their 3D content wherever it travels, for its entire lifecycle.

Our unique and trusted platform provides you with the ability to securely outsource work and leverage the best talent across the globe. PolyPort analytics provide a digital story of where your assets have traveled through their entire lifecycle, as well as the ability to revoke access to those assets in real-time. Most importantly, PolyPort is completely transparent to your existing workflows and processes.

We are currently in Beta, but have received some wonderful feedback; we won two consecutive SXSW awards for privacy & security and we’re thrilled to have NAB invest in our company after winning the NAB Pilot Pitch Contest in NYC this past fall.

It would be great to get some additional feedback:
- Is the security around 3D art an issue in the gaming industry? 
- Is working with external vendors challenging due to security issues?

All feedback in greatly appreciated :)

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While theft of intellectual property remains as a major concern in the present-day world, you can still be on the winner's side if you choose to outsource this requirement to a reliable company that has strong data security policies in place. These companies will ensure that they would keep your trade secrets as well as your intellectual property safeguarded against incidents. Outsourcing can be risky, but when you select the right service provider, you can make the most out of your investment. You may get in touch with the sales team at PGBS, which is a reputed company handling end-to-end 3D designing services. 

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I believe that for businesses of any industry, the involvement of professional outsourcing services helps to achieve maximum efficiency. For example, using a resource wow 24 7  is a reasonable way to engage the services of a virtual assistant. This is a kind of delegation of administrative burden to professionals, helps to optimize time and resources. 

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