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What is difference between Phaser.Scale.FIT and Phaser.FIT

haci koder

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I am confused. I have just done a trying game with the Phaser 3 that is adjusted by Phaser.FIT mode. But I read some information of Phaser Scale on the page https://rexrainbow.github.io/phaser3-rex-notes/docs/site/scalemanager/.

Firstly I thought that the both are the same. But then, I got it. If I adjust with Phaser.FIT to scale.mode, it make size cover the entire area without canvas ratio. But Phaser.Scale.FIT, with aspect ratio. is it true? and are there any secret information of usage of scale.mode like Phase.ENVELOP/Phaser.Scale.ENVELOP or Phaser.RESIZE/Phaser.Scale.RESIZE?


Thank you.


These are my stuffs made by Phaser. The first is adjusted by Phaser.FIT, other is with Phaser.Scale.FIT:


with Phaser.FIT

with Phaser.Scale.FIT



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