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How to (and in what) design a multiplayer game that can be joined from both Windows and Browser (on same server)?

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First of all I am beginner, and I know I shouldn't make multiplayer games, but I would love to. I had coding in school and it wasn't hard for me.

So it's only a matter of time how to create what I want.. But i am kind of new to this hobby and I was wondering which programming language/framework should I use? And is there any tutorial you would recommend? I used game maker a bit until i found its multiplayer capabilities are nonexistent ! So i kind of wasted time. I like this program though, feels very intuitive.

I think I can code game myself (after I learn, and after many trials and errors) but obviously I can't code networking in it on my own... That's why I am looking for a framework that contains neccessary stuff for making games and also for multiplayer.

Or this is not possible? To make a game server that people can join from windows and browser and play together?


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There are many engines that can have "easily" (as in easier than in game maker) implemented networking solution:

  • UE4: networking built-in.
  • Unity: deprecated networking built-in. People use public frameworks and assets. There are few good ones.
  • CryEngine
  • Godot


  • UE4: C++.
  • Unity: C#.

Tutorials for beginners:




Unity also has popular Mirror framework that has what you need (u can connect from both browser and windows exe standalone and play on the same server together). Its also quite good framework overall.

By the way, both UE4 and Unity are easy and intuitive like game maker. In both you have objects. These objects have components and/or scripts on them.

UE4 seems kind of overkill... I used both engines a little bit of time and ue4 was less intuitive.


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