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[WIP] Westward - a collaborative multiplayer online game

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(Disclaimer: I have posted a similar post on the new Phaser 3 forum, but as I crucially need feedback I'm spreading it around)

I'm presenting Westward, a collaborative MMORPG where the players have organize themselves to settle a continent, continuously expanding westward in order to grow and conquering an hostile civilization in the process.

The game can be played here and you can check this page for more information. I’m also writing regular dev log. There are one or two screenshots at the end of this post to give you an idea of the style.

The first basic version of the game is finished and working, but this is still very much work in progress as the gameplay and the visuals are still basic and a far cry from what I have in mind, and surely there are some bugs left. However, it is advanced enough to be shown around and at this stage I crucially need feedback to steer the development in the right direction.

Therefore, I invite you to as much as possible point out bugs, indicate what is not fun or annoying, what you think could be improved, but also what you like, if anything. :)

Below the game canvas are a few social links (Slack & Discord) if you want to follow the development, support me and/or give feedback. These channels are still a bit empty, feel free to make that change.

Development has been going on in my free time for more than 2 years and started with Phaser 2 but moved to Phaser 3 as soon as it was released and has grown with it.




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