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2D Artist needed for shoot-em up scroller project


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Hi. My name Konstantin, I'm from Ukraine and I'm
trying to set up a small game-dev business.

I'm a full-stack web developer myself. For last 12 years I made tons
of contract work for projects from all over the world. But now it’s
time to put an end to this and finally go on to realize the dream of
my whole life - to make games and make a living from it.

To start with, I have chosen a simple horizontal (subject to discuss) shoot-em up scroller.

Technically I'm doing it using JavaScript so it would be fully
playable on web from both mobile and desktop devices. Further down it
may be packed in executable and put on steam or google play market or
whatever. If you interested I have set up dev server where put dev
playable version (however not much there yet since I started working
on it last week)

From graphical point of view it would consist of:

1. background +-8 layered parallax. I'd like to have about 30 levels
and I suppose each tileset can be repeated 2-3 times with them so it
2. sprites for different variations of player ship
3. sprites for enemies ships. Currently have no idea how much there
would need to be
4. sprites for bosses. If suppose each 2nd level would have unique
boss then I would need 15 boses and animations for them
5. animations and sprites for splashes, explosions and bullets
6. sprites and animations for droppable items (like coins, health
boxes and so on. their exact list will be clarified later )
7. logo image
8. splash screen image (with logo, I suppose)
9. interface design. Where user choose levels, upgrades, changing game
options and so on.
10. HUD design (healthbars, scorebar, etc..)

Since this is my first experimental project, I don't have much of
budget for it but if you interested to participate in such kind of
project just tell me your conditions and we will discuss them.

If you like, you can contact me on:
skype - k_kostyuk
telegram - @SET001

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Hello, I'm a pixel artist freelancer, I'm interested.

I charge 10$ hour but we can set a price based in the work needed.

Here you can see an example of a vertical shooter mockup I did last week :


You can see more of my art in my portfolio http://www.noisechip.com/

You can also reach me by mail or discord:

[email protected]



Thank you.

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