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Flipping tiles creates rendering problems in Tiled


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Using Tiled 1.3.1 and MelonJS 7.1.1, I'm rotating your platformer tutorial tilesets with Tiled hotkeys x (flip active stamp horizontally), (flip active stamp vertically), and (rotate active stamp clockwise) - https://doc.mapeditor.org/en/stable/manual/keyboard-shortcuts/

In tiled, using piece:


I flip it around using xyz to achieve this. It seems like 180 degree/horizontal flips cause problems. Why is this?

In the Tiled map editor:


In game:





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oh snap ! well we have a known issue (see #764 ) when anti-diagonally rotating tiles, but i thought it was only with non squared tiles .... as I actually never encounter the issue myself (with square tile) I just wonder now if this is another edge case, or if this was always there, or if this is a regression...


did you manage to work around it since then ? and/or pinpoint maybe where is the issue ?

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