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Correct way to control a scene


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I'm trying to build an '90s style rpg game, think dragon warrior series, where it will have a UI box at the bottom of the screen where the user makes a choice like attack, move, eat etc

I'm thinking of having a game controller (phaser scene?) which updates a board scene and a UI box  scene and displays other scenes if necessary

I am thinking of passing in to the UI box an object with  message, an array of choices and  each choice will have a callback method

So as far as I can tell there are three ways to pass event information to a scene

1) use get scene method to get an instance of a scene and then make calls to that scenes methods

2) using event emitter

3) stopping and starting a scene and passing parameters into the create method

Is one way preferable or another? is there a good coding standard?  Would anyone be able to offer any other helpful hints on how to accomplish the above task


Thank you

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