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Problem with Multitouch


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I'm having a problem with multitouch on a tablet.  I'm just getting started with Phaser and I am creating a joystick and button pad for game control.  I have two samples below, one is a simple test of the joystick (left hand control) the other is a more complex test with an actual character being controlled by the joystick.  The multitouch works fine for the simple test, but I can only get one pointer to work with the more complex test and I can't seem to be able to track down the problem.  I appreciate any help.  If there is any other info I can supply, please let me know.


Simple test (multitouch works)




Complex test (only one pointer works)




I've also attached the code for the complex test (it's still in the rough'ed out stage of coding, which may actually be the problem)


Thanks again,




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