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MelonJS 5.1 - requestFullScreen changes pointer locations


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I'm on a Macbook Pro 15" monitor, on Google Chrome. MelonJS 5.1. 640 x 480 dimension.

if (!me.video.init(640, 480, {
        wrapper: 'screen',
        scale: 'auto',
		scaleMethod: 'fit',
        renderer: me.video.AUTO,
        subPixel: false,
    })) {
    alert('Your browser does not support HTML5 canvas.');

I'm trying to request full screen. I'm using DOM elements for the GUI, so I'm requesting full screen on documentElement:


When I change to full screen, there's no issues with my pointer events— e.gameX, e.gameY.

When I exit full screen, e.gameY seems to be permanently offset by the height difference expanding back to normal viewport, by about 84 pixels. 

This only happens when I have Chrome console closed. If Chrome console is open, there's no issue with e.gameY.

Clicking in the same exact location each time, I get:

Normal browser viewport:

e.gameX: 3018.744

e.gameY: 2284.550

Full screen: 

e.gameX: 3018.138

e.gameY: 2284.371

Exited full screen:

e.gameX: 3018.465

e.gameY: 2367.873

Why does this happen?

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before version 7.0, there were some issues indeed when the game was embedded in a complex css layouts, this has been fixed here if you want to back port the change to version 5.1 and see if it fixed it :



this say,  you should reaaaally consider updating, the improvements since 5.x up to 8.0 that is to be released soon are huge now , and solves many of the issues you have reported here :


and also since version 6.0 we provide backward compatibility as much as possible when changing the API, so by following the updated guide (even by one version at the time) it should not be difficult task https://github.com/melonjs/melonJS/wiki/Upgrade-Guide


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