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Is Babylon.js good choice for multiplayer game for a newbie?


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Hi everyone,

I should inform you that I am totally new at game development. But I want to make a 3D multiplayer strategy game for Web. I know .NET core, so, I am going to use it for the server side. But I am really lost at what to use for a client part.

So, basically I was choosing between PlayCanvas, Phaser and Babylon.js. I settled with Babylon. But now searching through I don't find almost any information for multiplayer game with Babylon. Phaser and PlayCanvas have documentations at their sites while babylon doesn't. 

How do you think, will it be a big headache to start learning overall game development including finding out how to implement multiplayer aspects with a Babylon.js? Or do you think might it go easier with one of other two engine options? Any advice is appreciated.

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