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Rollup HTML5 Audio Doesn't Work?


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Hi there! I've been playing around with this template file from photonstorm: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser3-typescript-project-template, and I've found that if you disable WebAudio in order to use HTML5 Audio and try to load an audio file, this is what happens:


As you can see, the game is created, but the following error occurs in the console:

TypeError: setting getter-only property "dataset" HTML5AudioFile.js:151:12
    load HTML5AudioFile.js:151
    checkLoadQueue LoaderPlugin.js:781
    each Set.js:195
    checkLoadQueue LoaderPlugin.js:767
    start LoaderPlugin.js:717
    bootScene SceneManager.js:492
    start SceneManager.js:1198
    bootQueue SceneManager.js:238
    emit index.js:180
    texturesReady Game.js:398
    emit index.js:201
    updatePending TextureManager.js:153
    emit index.js:182
    onload TextureManager.js:279

I've forked the repository here so you can try it out for yourself: https://github.com/justinro-underscore/phaser3-typescript-project-template

I believe this is an issue with the Rollup configuration, as when I tried using HTML5 Audio with Webpack on another project it worked fine. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can rectify this issue?

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