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Html 5 game exchange partnership - for developers and publishers


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Hello my name is Adrian and I'm new here, I run a few portals dedicated to Html5 games and I'm also a small game developer myself.

As you know building a game is one thing while having your game being published by many portals in this industry is quite a different thing.

Mainly there are two benefits when it comes to developing html5 games. First you can have some sort of advertisement integrated into your game that will generate revenue for you and second you can also have a link (more games button) that can bring traffic to your own website. If your website also runs ads, you can generate revenue from this also and get something in return for your work.

My personal opinion is that many small developers are left with the only option to have their games being distributed by some other third parties that will require to implement a SDK and get the game monetized by them and receive a certain amount of the earnings  that game makes once it get's published by different portals over the internet. Actually I believe these third parties will not try to reach publishers and have your games sent to them, mainly the publishers will check their homepage regulary for new games. In this particular case other things came into talk, as if your game is not featured or released on certain intervals it can be easily missed and won't get the exposure it needs or worth so also choose a good moment to send your game for review.

If all things go well, once your game/games generate a certain amount of revenue after (net 30 days) you should have the money sent to you by Paypal, check etc.

In some cases this is the moment when all get's ruined, you won't get your money, the third party side will not answer your e-mails, etc, etc, but if your game performed good you could probably got something in return already by some incoming traffic generated through the game if you also run a html5 portal and have a built it "more games button" inside your game or something like that, so be sure to choose a reliable distribution service. Personally I'm quite satisfied by using Gamemonetize.com, I got my money on time till now and their game approval time is quite short I use their service both as publisher and developer.

Another form of monetizing and distributing your game includes, having your game monetized by using any of the available services for this kind of thing such as CPMStar, AFG etc, and taking the part of distributing the game to portals into your own hands by sending emails, completing forms on portals etc and trying to promote it your own, hoping that webmasters will read your e-mails, check the game, and finally decide to publish it. Working with consecrated companies when it comes to serving ADS inside your game is the way you to go as your revenue will always be sent to you on time. Currently I use CPMstar and it's all working fine, AdSense for games would be great but you need a high volume of traffic to get accepted .

A third form that can be used to distribute a game is by having partnerships with other game developers/publishers by sending to them your games in order to have it published on their portals and in return you will also publish their games on your portal so that creates a win-win situation and also strenghtens relations in this sector.

Currently I'm looking for this kind of game exchange partnerships so if there are others here that share my opinion and would like to get in touch, please have your comments below or send PM.

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